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I'm so excited to link up with A First for Everything, Stories and Songs in SecondPawsitively TeachingLessons with Mrs. Labrasciano, and Inspired Owl's Corner for a Pet Linky! I'm linking up to join them in celebration of our love of pets. My cats make my world go 'round so I loved the idea of sharing my fur babies for this awesome linky! Be sure to scroll all the way through so that you can grab a freebie, enter our amazing giveaway, and join the linky if you'd like! 

Let's start with a little story of my favorite four-legged friends!

When I was in graduate school in Massachusetts and supporting myself for the first time, I decided to adopt my cat Brewster. It was a big decision because I knew that I was making a commitment to take care of him for his whole life. I was at a point where I finally felt responsible enough to make that commitment, so I took to Pet Finder to find a kitten. If you have not been to this site, brace yourself, you WILL want one of everything! It is hard to make a decision. My cat Brewster was named Bugsy and was in a foster home when I saw his adorable little face and decided that I wanted to adopt him. I remember waiting for my application to be approved and emailing the woman daily to see if she had made a decision yet. When I finally got the call, I was so excited. I picked him up when he was exactly ten weeks old. I will never forget how little he was back then and how much he cried the first few nights. It was heartbreaking. But, once he adjusted, he quickly became my best buddy, always keeping me company, and always wanting me to throw a mouse for him to fetch. Yes, like a dog, Brewster will fetch the mouse, bring it back to you, and wait for you to throw it again. He's a blast. He greets me at the door when I get home, sleeps on my feet every night, and snuggles with me every morning. It's hard to believe that he'll be 11 years old this November. He is still playful like a kitten, but he's 12 pounds of fur so he's no kitten anymore, that's for sure! Brewster is my longest commitment, and I hope that he'll be my furry companion for years and years and years! 

A year and a half after I adopted Brewster, I decided that he needed a companion. I was finishing my first year of teaching and I wasn't home very much because I was so busy, so I wanted Brewster to have someone to keep him company. I knew I couldn't get a kitten, since Brewster was much bigger by then, so I searched all of our local shelters for the perfect match. When I found Tucker, whose name was "Kurt" at the time and was 6 months old, he was at the MSPCA and he had a giant room to himself. As soon as I entered the room, he jumped on my lap and started do snuggle. It wasn't hard to decide after that moment. I brought him home a few days later. He was a sick kitty for our first two months together, and I had to keep him isolated from Brewster while I worked on getting him healthy again. The top right picture is what he looked like at that time. Well, Tucker has certainly returned to health, and at 9 years old, he's a healthy 24 pounds of fur! He's the most snuggly, loving cat that I've ever had. He'll crawl on your lap, go right to sleep, and keep you quite warm! There's no need for a blanket with this loving guy is snuggling with me. 

Not only are these the best fur babies I could possibly ask for, they are also best buddies. They play, they wrestle around, and sometimes they get angry with each other, as siblings do, but at the end of the day, they love each other lots and they are never too far from one another. I'm so glad I have these two fabulous cats in my life! 

I talk about my cats with my students ALL the time. They know my cats by name, know which one is which, and I've even been told that they share some of my crazy cat stories with their parents over dinner at times! In fifth grade, we do a lot of writing, and we're currently working on creative/imaginative/fictional writing, depending on your title preference. 

I've created some pet-related fictional prompts that are purrrfect for engaging students in their writing. For this linky, I'm sharing a sample from my Pet Themed Fictional Writing Pack. You can grab it by clicking here!   If you decide that you want the whole pack, you can grab it by clicking below: 

While we're on the subject of pets, I have to give a shout out to my favorite Etsy shop for K. Grant Designs. She makes the most adorable catnip toys and blankets. My cats are obsessed with them! 

Tucker and Brewster with their newest blanket. Gotta get that catnip! 

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Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a purrfect week!



  1. Oh my gosh...your fur babies weigh more than my little fur ball!! That blanket is too cute! LOVED the pics :)
    The Techie Teacher

  2. Rachel, I love how close your two little loves are with each other! I think it's hysterical how much Brewster plays and greets you at the door! So sweet! I loved your pics and stories about finding your cats. I also found my dog, Roger through Pet Finder and wanted to just take every single pet home with me off the site. Walking into the shelter was even harder, my husband had to make sure I didn't take five dogs home with me when we picked up our puppy! Hope you have a great day!

    Teach Talk Inspire

  3. Thank you so much for linking up with us today. I just love to read everyone's pet stories.
    Take care, Amy

  4. Where did you go to grad school. I live in Massachusetts. Still waiting for snow to melt. And waiting. And waiting. Your kitties are beautiful!


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