The Sunday Scoop - January 25, 2015

Well, well, well! It's time for another weekly link-up with The Teaching Trio for the Sunday Scoop! I am actually writing my blog post as I sit in the middle of LaGuardia Airport in NYC, getting ready to head home after an amazing weekend filled with laughs, my favorite Broadway show, Cabaret, with Alan Cumming and Emma Stone, who were both AMAZING, and of course, some yummy NYC food, namely pizza. It was great to be "home" (though I am originally an upstate New Yorker) and see a bit of snow, feel that New York cold on my face, and get swept up in the hustle and bustle of the city for a few days. I met up with my one of my oldest and dearest friends, who I have not seen in 8 years. You know you have a wonderful friendship when you just pick up right where you left off. We had such a fabulous time, that it's going to take a bit to adjust back to work this upcoming week. Plus, I'm NYC exhausted! I'm sure I'll be snoozing on the plane in just a few!  Here's some pics from our weekend:

From the Cabaret at Studio 54. I still can't believe that I not only got to be on the inside of Studio 54, but actually sat right up front (our seats were at the bottom right of those stairs in the picture). At one point, Alan Cumming was standing right next to me! If you don't already know, I am a bit obsessed with musicals, so this was really the perfect day for me. Emma Stone played the most amazing Sally Bowles. I was brought to tears by this show! Just AMAZING!

We stayed right in Times Square and did lots of walking around. So much to see, this trip was really just an exploration. Now I have about 500 other things I'd like to go back and do! Oh, and that pizza! I'm a NY girl who loves NY pizza so while I could've been out at the five star restaurants, all I really wanted was some pizza! 

I could go on and on, but let's get on to The Sunday Scoop, shall we? After you read what I am up to, I hope that you'll head over and find out what other teacher bloggers are up to this week!

Here's the scoop:

Three things I have to do:
1) Fly back to VA and leave this wonderful city behind…for now! I'm boarding in less than a half hour and I'm truly lucky to have a direct flight!
2) Eat a normal meal. Who eats well on vacation? Not this girl? But I've ate so poorly that I am craving healthy food. Time to get back to business! 
3) My grades are all in, I just need to finish up my comments and then I am good to go! 

Two things I hope to do:
1) A girl's weekend takes a lot out of you! Plus, staying in the middle of Times Square is a blast, until you want to sleep. Sirens and horns blowing = Rachel missing some serious shut-eye!
2) I've got a suitcase full of dirty laundry, so I "hope" to get to that, mostly because I hate dirty laundry just sitting around for no reason. 

One thing I am happy to do:
I MISS my hubby and fur babies like crazy! I can't wait to snuggle them when I get home! 

Here's hoping that this is just the beginning of my 2015 travels! Happy Sunday! 



  1. Pizza in NYC...there is no better food in the world! Looks like you had a wonderful time, too. I'm sure your fur babies will be so thrilled to have you back...mine acts like I've been gone for months when I come home in the!

  2. I was so jealous looking at your pics! I'm sure you had a blast and hope the transition back wasn't too sad.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  3. Oh how fun!! I love NYC!! I going back this summer and I can't wait!!

    A Tall Drink of Water


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