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Happy Christmas break! My break officially began on at 12:15 on Friday and I've already been enjoying this time off, taking naps, reading books, and spending quality time with the hubby without thinking about  school. It's nice to be me again for awhile!

Yesterday, I received my December SLANT Box. For those of you that haven't read other posts about SLANT Box, let me give you a quick explanation. First of all, SLANT stands for Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers. Hosted by Jameson at Lessons With Coffee, this is a monthly exchange where you sign up, on a monthly basis, so you aren't committed to doing it more than once, just whenever you want to. Jameson matches everyone up and then she emails everyone with the person who will be sending to them and the person they will send to (which are not the same). We then get about 3 weeks to "get to know" each other so that we give each other's gift a personal touch. Each month has a specific theme to follow. For December, our theme was 12 days of teaching so the idea was that you would get 12 of one item, 11 of another, 10 of another and so on. It is such a great way to make another teacher's day and hey, it's pretty awesome to have someone make your day, too!

This month, I sent my SLANT Box out to the wonderful Ashley from Savvy in Second and I'm excited for her to open her box because I had such fun putting it together. I'll have to update when Ashley shares hers!

In the meantime, let's get back to the December SLANT Box that I received from Lauren from

Lauren's box was AMAZING! It's as if she had known me for years. I told her that she made it not only 12 days of teaching, but 12 of my favorite things! My husband was laughing as I "oohed" and "aaahed" over each item as I pulled it out! Check out this awesome box:
Peeps, Nutcrackers, Post-it notes, Sharpies, Mr. Sketch markers, lots of goodies that included almonds, and more! I love how she snuck that cat calendar in there because I mentioned that I have two fur babies! Lauren seriously rocked this gift in every possible way!

Here's the note that came with it so you can see the wonderful items that she included!

If you're interested in finding out more about SLANT Box exchanges, check it out here:

The SLANT Box Exchange

I know that I can't wait to do this again! This might be the season of giving, but I love to give gifts all year long, and this is a wonderful opportunity to make another teacher's day!


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