Halloween Bulletin Board Idea

Today is a super quick post. I actually did this last year and then totally forgot to share it. So here's my Halloween Bulletin Board from last year:

I googled "haunted house silhouettes" then I found the one that I liked, put a black piece of butcher paper on my board and put the image up on the paper with my document camera. I traced the windows and the outside with white crayon then cut the image out, as well as the windows. I put yellow tissue paper behind the windows and then cut out some ghosts and a fence. It was really quite eye-catching and by calling it Spooktacular Work, you aren't limited in what work you choose!

Just wanted to share that idea with you before October speeds past! I can't even believe that October 15th is THIS WEEK! Slow it down, fall, slow it down!

Have a wonderful Monday! I hope that today is the start of a great week!



  1. I think I used the same silhouette last year for my door! Of course, this year I'm so behind that I haven't done anything for my door except take down the beginning of the year decorations. Guess I should get on that...

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

    1. I just got my fall board up this week. Until Wednesday, it was still my welcome board from back to school. I've been so busy that it's hard to find the time. Luckily, my students really liked my Lego one so they didn't mind it being up for a month and a half! :-)


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