Wanted: Turkeys in Disguise

Goodness, gracious! The time certainly does fly. I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus and I have so much to share, that I am truly not sure where to begin. I hope that you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Are you, like me, already on the countdown to Christmas break?

We've been working hard to understand how to infer as we read. This is my sixth year with fifth grade and I always find this to be such a hard strategy for students to use. I've been focusing on it in both science and reading, but my students are still building their way to a solid understanding of this important strategy. They've been working so hard that I really wanted to give them a bit of a break for the short week. I wanted to find something fun to do that would reinforce making inferences. I have always loved all of the wonderful Turkey in Disguise ideas, but none of them were very appropriate for the fifth grade classroom, so decided to take that idea and turn it in to a fifth grade activity by making it an inference riddle. My oh my, what a fantastic time the students had with this! They are already asking if we can do a Santa one (and yes, one is in the works).

Shout out to Monster Wrangler Mike, who makes some fantastic clip art. He posted turkey in disguise clip art which made my creation 1,000 times easier! I used his clip art to decorate the bulletin board outside the classroom and let the students begin to wonder what our assignment would be.

Then it was time to introduce the assignment to the students. They were so excited to disguise the turkey that they took the riddle creation quite seriously and produced some fantastic work. I will take pictures when I return to school on Monday and share the board with all of their fantastic work on it! They loved creating the riddles, disguising their turkeys, and keeping it all top secret from friends. When all were finally displayed, they shared their riddles and guessed what they were before viewing the picture. We had a great discussion about how they had made inferences based on the clues that they read. I think we are finally getting there, and having some fun along the way! Hooray!

I have great news! This whole thing is a freebie on TpT! Get it here: Turkey in Disguise Inference Activity

I wonder if any students will disguise Santa as a turkey when I create the Santa one? Heehee!

Enjoy your last couple of days of break! Keep an eye out for a Santa inference activity soon!


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