Back to Business With the Sweetest Class Ever

Well, today was the first day back and though it was not easy to get out of bed, it was actually an awesome day. My kids showed up with lots of hugs and "I miss yous" so I was smiling bright and early. I know I've said it before and I will say it again and again. They are truly the sweetest class ever. We got a new student and they embraced her at every moment. She was smiling ear to ear with all the attention she was getting!

When I told the students that they were going to start doing harder reading logs and showed them a sample of one, one of my students said, "Mrs. O, these logs are way better than the other ones. These actually seem fun." Score for Mrs. O!

My biggest accomplishment of the day, aside from getting a lot of mid-year DRA testing done, was that  I finished my January bulletin board. I saw a bulletin board like this on Pinterest and I wanted something to showcase our recent essay completion. We put up their essays and then they were able to decorate their mugs with a winter scene. I hope that you can tell from the one picture that I am really rubbing off on my students with my Snoopy obsession. Some of them have become quite good at drawing Snoopy free hand. Don't you just love it when students love something just because you do? I love the feeling I get knowing that they are looking up to me! It's the greatest compliment in my eyes! Teaching rocks!


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