Last Year's Classroom

Since I'm not quite ready to share my new classroom set-up, I thought I'd share some ideas from last year.

On the doors are plastic sleeves/sheet protectors. I attached them with Command strips and they stayed up throughout the year. I placed student work in them and then changed it weekly. 

My last school was older, and it still had chalkboards. Since I won't use the chalkboards and we had a Promethean board, I covered the board with fade-resistant paper and used it as my calendar/birthday/homework area. It stayed up all year long!

An inviting student library is the key to reading success. I've stocked up over the years, and each year I invest in updated collections. I also use book displays and label all books by genre. I know you are looking at the stuffed animals and wondering why I would have them in a fifth grade classroom? Well, it's because fifth graders are still children, and if you successfully make reading with a stuffed animal look cool, even your most mature students will do it. I promise!

Also, I always put an opening soon sign across my library and wait a few days to open it, and then use a classroom meeting to talk about our new rules, and how we can apply them to the classroom library. I have a contract that I have students sign to say they will be held responsible for any books they sign out. This is helpful for damaged or missing books. 



  1. Omgosh did you really say chalkboards? Lol
    Another idea I'm stealing...using sheet protectors to display work! One of those simple ideas that make you shake your head for not thinking of it.
    My students love their work displayed and parents like to get them back at some point. This way they will go home in good shape.

    I really like the Peanuts Gang you have displayed. What a great idea for a whole class theme!!

  2. Thank you Michelle! Be sure to put something strong on the back of the sheet protectors. Mine actually stayed up all year! When I first displayed them I put "Coming Soon" signs in each one. The students loved having their work displayed and it was an easy way to use the closet doors for display since I like to put student work in every spare space I can find!

    The Peanuts Gang are my absolute favorite! I am using them this year too. Kids love the theme. In fact, I met one of my students came by the class to see how it's shaping up and she asked if I could tell her the difference between Snoopy and Peanuts :-) Kids are so cute!


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