I'm officially back...but where have I been?

Hello, friends! Gosh, I can't believe it's been more than six months since I've posted. Rest assured, I have a great excuse. I've been a busy bee! Here's a quick rundown of what's kept me from blogging.

So, at the beginning of March, my husband received orders to report to Northern California by the end of June.
We'd been in Virginia for almost 6 years, so we knew our time was coming to an end, yet we weren't expecting to report so soon. Needless to say, the time between March and June was crazy stressful. There was suddenly so much to do. That three months FLEW by, filled with planning, packing, and trying not to be a giant ball of stress the entire time.

But, let me be clear that I was totally excited for this change, even more so because we were heading to sunny California! It seems that coast to coast moves are becoming my specialty, having moved from MA to WA in 2008, WA to VA in 2010, and now VA to CA in 2016. <--------- Is anyone else noticing that I keep moving to states that have abbreviations ending in the letter A? 

The month of June, as I now look back, was definitely the craziest of all. As soon as the year ended, the movers came to get all of our stuff and before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to Virginia and the wonderful view we've had for the last six years.
Our view in Virginia

We did six days of driving across the country! We didn't have time to do much sightseeing since we were traveling with my two cats, but we did take in a few sights here and there. Here's a few pictures from along the way that you've probably already seen if you follow me on Instagram!

Hello from Indiana!
Hello from Nebraska!

Hello from Cheyenne, Wyoming!
Wyoming is beautiful! 

Hello from Utah! 
Hello from Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah!

Hello from two states, Utah and Nevada!
Hello from Nevada!

Hello from Northern California! 

Of course, my biggest concern was moving my two cats across the country again, as they've done all of my coast to coast moves with me and let's just say that they aren't big fans of travel.  However, they actually did quite well, although they were total bed hogs, just ask my husband! 

We arrived in California at the end of June, stayed on the base until we found a house to rent, and moved in to our new place on July 1st. Since then, we've been busy making our house a home and when that started to settle, I started to bring my things to my new classroom! Yes, friends, I will continue my teaching adventures in fifth grade in California so my blogging focus will continue to be upper elementary. 

Now that I'm getting settled in, I hope to get back to more regular blogging. I've got lots of creations and ideas to share with you. Thanks for sticking with me during my time away! Until next time, I'll just leave these palm trees here for you to enjoy! 

See those clouds? Nope, neither do I!


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