Back to School Tidbits

First week…complete! I have such a wonderful group this year that I actually don't feel that "end of the first week" tired. Instead, I'm feeling excited and rejuvenated. I truly believe that it will be a fabulous year! In this post, I wanted to share a few tidbits that started the year off on the right foot! 

Each year, I create a welcome poem for my students. In the past, I've stuffed the bag with sugary treats and left the bag on student desks for open house. This year, I decided to change things up and write a poem that would include supplies that I wanted each student to start with. Instead of giving it to students at open house, it was waiting on their desks on the first day. That way I knew students would all start with what they needed. It was much cheaper to put together than the candy bags, too! If you'd like to grab this poem, you can find it here: Welcome Back to School Poem for Supplies

Since I still wanted to welcome my students with a little treat, I opted for gourmet lollipops. It turns out that CVS had them on sale, two for $1…score! I also bought welcome bracelets from Really Good stuff, added green tags and some twine and voila, a perfect welcome gift was created! 

Of course, I never leave the parents out! I like to give them a little treat too, so for the second year in a row, I gave them "parent vitamins" with a really cute saying for each color in a pack of M&M's. Parents got a big kick out of them! You can pull up a copy here: Parent Vitamins You'll notice that there are two pages of the same thing. That is because I print two pages to one page to make them small enough to fit on the bags. 
Our lovely fifth grade bulletin board. Student names are on the flowers and peace signs. I drew that mystery bus freehand, so please be kind, I am normally a stick figure kinda gal! How fun is that font? It's called Shagadelic! Love it! 

Inspired by an idea I found from Jessica at The Teaching Oasis, I put together a welcome gift for a new teacher that I get to mentor. She's a baseball fan like me, so I made it a baseball themed-basket! Read more about this idea from Jessica at The Teaching Oasis here: Welcome Basket

I'm hoping that you are all off to a wonderful start of the 2015-2016 year too! May each week be an opportunity for growth for you and your students!



2015 Classroom Reveal

It's time to show off my beautiful classroom! I've gone with an elephant theme and at first I was nervous about it looking too young for fifth grade but now, I love, love, love it! It just might be my favorite theme ever! The color scheme continues to be lime green and blue, but I've popped a bit of red in there too and I think it's a great addition. I switched rooms from last year, which is actually the room I had for the first two years at my school. Are you ready? Let me give you a tour.

So, the question is…

Thanks for checking out my classroom! I hope that you love it as much as I do! 



SLANT Box Reveal

Last year, I discovered SLANT box exchanges when I was reading through Jameson's blog, Lessons With Coffee. SLANT stands for Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers. It's a great way to make a teacher's day! Jameson works hard to pair people up. She sends you your partner's email, and you get a chance to get to know that teacher. For each pairing, there is a theme that participants must follow so your goal is to get to know your partner and then create a gift along that theme that will really brighten your partner's day. Jameson recently changed this to a bimonthly instead of monthly exchange, which was great because it gave me more time to interact with and get to know my partner, the lovely Nichole from The Craft of Teaching. I knew Nichole a little from a collaborative blog that we have both contributed to, but this gave me the chance to get to know who she was outside of the blogging and teaching that she does. Having extra time allowed me to really think about what I wanted to put together for her so that it felt personalized while still following the theme. I won't say more about the gift I gave her, because I know that she will be doing her reveal post soon too.

So let's talk about the AMAZING SLANT Box that I received from Nichole this week! Our theme was "summer jam" and so Nichole and I both agreed that we'd look at this as a way to extend the feeling of summer since teachers always feel like summer is over the second school begins. Nichole asked me lots of terrific questions, so I knew she was putting together a SLANT box that would be perfect for me, but it's actually even better than I expected. Take a look:

Nichole really captured me in this box, as it's filled with my favorite summer treats (Target mixed nuts, caramel popcorn, kettle corn, and even a gift card to Cold Stone). She put together an adorable photo album so that I can keep all of my summer memories inside. She paid attention to the fact that I LOVE to take a bubble bath to relax and that painting my nails is a Sunday ritual! To top that off, she grabbed a book that I already know I will love and the blue bucket that she put everything in perfectly matches my classroom theme! Nichole put together one truly AMAZING SLANT box. It brought me tons of smiles and I'm already indulging in the snacks! I cannot thank her enough for putting together such a wonderful box. I've truly been lucky because I've done the SLANT box exchange four times now, and each time has been a wonderful experience.

Huge thanks also to Jameson, for I know that she puts in tons of hard work and dedication to make SLANT box match-ups happen. If you are interested in learning more, or trying out an exchange, click the image below to find out more. It's a great way to get to know teachers across the nation, brighten their day, and have your day brightened too!


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