Flashback: Turkeys in Disguise

Last year, when I posted my Turkeys in Disguise product, my students had not yet completed their work. As I prepare to use this in the classroom, I wanted to finally post the work of last year's group!

My Turkeys in Disguise  resource is for intermediate students. I loved all of the Turkeys in Disguise that were out there, but the activities weren't challenging enough to justify their use in a fifth grade classroom. Since we were working on inferring, I decided to come up with my own activity where students disguise their  turkey, but they have to give hints about the disguise so that other students can guess what they are. We did a gallery walk as students put their hints on their desks and made guesses about each one. Then we did a second walk where their "undercover identity" was revealed. My students were engaged and really recognized the connection between this activity and what we had been learning. It was awesome! Here's some of their creations, as well as the bulletin board that I put up that was a big hit in our school!


If you're wishing that you had known about this BEFORE Thanksgiving because you would've loved to use it in the classroom, you're in luck! I actually have one of these for Christmas too! You can find it here: 



Currently November

It's November 1st and you know what the start of a new month means! It's my favorite monthly link-up, Currently with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade. Here's what I'm "Currently" up to:

Listening: I'm a little late to the Big Bang Theory party, but now that I've caught on, it's my favorite background show! During the day, I love to work in peace and quiet (hahahaha…I'm a fifth grade teacher, that was a joke). At night, I always need a little background noise, unless I'm concentrating extra hard. Then I really do need total peace and quiet.

Loving: I know it's been fall for awhile, but I grew up in upstate New York so fall in Virginia doesn't exactly feel like the fall I grew up with. I like to wear sweaters and jeans and scarves in October. I've trick or treated in snowstorms and bitter cold. I love a cold, brisk fall morning. Up until the last few days, it's been 70 degrees every day. That's totally not fall to me. I need a bit of brrr! Needless to say, I'm totally happy with the fact that the low for tomorrow is in the 40s. For a few days, fall will actually feel like fall to me! 

Thinking: Sundays are so not fun for me. I long to think "I don't have anything to do today" on a Sunday. They are forever my lesson planning and grading days. This weekend, I'm even adding report cards to my long list of Sunday to-do's. I don't watch football, but I'm highly jealous of all of my friends who get to hang out and enjoy Sunday football. Sundays = not fun days for me! 

Wanting: A long weekend. Just one extra day or three. I know exactly how many days are between me and my Thanksgiving break. It's 25 1/2, in case you are wondering! 

Needing: As the cooler weather rolls in, I am in great need of cold weather clothes. My sweaters are outdated and I can't seem to find any that are calling my name. In addition, both my brown and black dress boots bit the dust last winter, so now I need to replace them. I'm at least fashionable enough to know that my bare traps and riding boots don't exactly dress an outfit up. 

Reading: Excuse me while I blow the dust off so that I can see the title. I am technically reading When We Fall by Emily Liebert, but I haven't read a page since August, so I'm not sure that I'm really reading anything. This all goes back to my wanting a long weekend. 

What are you currently up to? Are you wondering what other bloggers are currently up to? Find out at: 


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