I Almost Made it!

At the end of the school year, I swore that I would avoid school during the ENTIRE month of July. Well, faced with a number of appointments next week, I decided it was time to go in and begin to plug away, bit by bit, at my classroom. I spent Monday and Tuesday in the classroom, planning a new set up for the classroom and unpacking a little here and a little there.

Here's what I started with on Monday: 

Look how clean and shiny those floors are! 

We have to pack everything up at the end of each school year, so even though I didn't move this year, I still have a ton of unpacking to do. I hate the idea of packing and unpacking every year, but it does force to me to clean things out, which I like. I found hand sanitizer under my sink yesterday that had expired in 2007, which means that it's been sitting in that classroom for many more years than I have been there since I only arrived last year. Adios expired hand sanitizer! 

I don't know why, but for me, the bulletin boards are always the first thing that I must do. I feel a terrible anxiety with unfinished bulletin boards. Needless to say, Monday's focus was unpacking, which meant that Tuesday's focus was, you guessed it, BULLETIN BOARDS!

After 8 years of teaching, I have an extensive list of bulletin board trim. This should stop me from purchasing new ones each year, but it doesn't! Since I'm doing an owl theme this year, I just HAD to have some owl border. Then I wanted new Dots on Turquoise Paisley Borders. Oh, and then I found this really cute border for my other board...

Five new bulletin board trims, plus the other 30+ sets that I already had, and I swear, the decision process was grueling! Since I don't like to have the same colors year after year, but wanted to stick to my theme in blues and greens, that meant buying new fadeless bulletin board paper. I don't change my paper during the year and fadeless paper seriously does not fade so I think it's worth the investment. In fact, when I went to take my awesome teal paper from last year down I realized that it still looked pretty awesome, so I just changed out the borders. I put five different borders up before I finally came to a decision. Boards decorated...check! Deciding what to put on them is a decision for another day...

Since I made a day of it, I also began to reorganize my classroom library, and as I was working on it and staring at the wall space above my ottomans, I had an epiphany! The open space would be PERFECT for my new owl posters. I can't begin to explain just how excited I was when this idea popped in to my head! I grabbed my command strips and got to work. I am thrilled with the results! See what you think:

 Whooooooo's ready to read? 

After a couple of days in the classroom, I feel a bit less anxious about the upcoming year. I have a LOOOONG way to go, but at least I left yesterday with a sense of accomplishment and a really cute reading area!



  1. Best wishes to you as you embark upon another school year! I can totally relate to your "anxious feelings"... and I really like your reading area! I look forward to following your blog!
    Crafting Connections

    1. Thanks Deb! We have a whole month before we begin, but I just had to get in there and get a feel for what I need to do. Now I can relax and enjoy a long weekend! I love popping in now and then to do a bit of this and that, then I don't feel totally overwhelmed during PD...oh wait, yes I do, but at least it's a little easier :-)

  2. Ahh so shiny! I haven't been back in the classroom yet but we don't get the kiddos back until after labor day. I have plans to change the backgrounds of my bulletin boards to cute fabrics from JoAnn's fabric so hopefully that plan will pan out!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. Our students don't start until after labor day either. I just had to go in and get an idea of what needed to be done. Now I will pop in and out for the next couple of weeks before PD starts the third week in August. I'm actually really excited for the upcoming year but I still plan on some sunbathing by the pool before we're back full time :-)

  3. Love the new blog design Rachel, I love the OWL read posters too! Very cute start to your classroom!


    1. Thanks Alison! You are an amazing inspiration to me. If not for your blog, I may have never started. Thanks for being amazing!


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