Genius Idea Alert - Markers in the Socks

So a colleague and I were talking about our small dry erase boards today. When I first started teaching, I ordered these boards from Trainers Warehouse: Over the years, a few have been broken or students have used permanent marker on them, so I decided to get some to replace the broken or ruined ones. I really love these boards, and the price is great too.

Anyway, I was chatting my colleague about how I use socks to clean the boards. I buy a great big bag of them at Walmart so that students can use them throughout the year and I can easily wash and bleach them as needed.  We then began talking about dry-erase markers and how students always fight over the color and she shared with me something she had learned from another teacher, and now I will share it with you. Instead of handing out dry erase markers and socks separately, the markers are kept inside the socks. This means one item to pass out and students can't see the marker until they've already been delivered. No more, "I want blue", "Give me the purple one" to worry about! I couldn't get my markers in those socks fast enough!

A great tip worth sharing, though I can't take the credit for it. Now round up some socks and throw your markers in!



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