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Happy July! Welcome to the one month that most of us are totally off! I hope that everyone has begun their break by now and that you are embracing this time off and enjoying every moment as I am! Let's face it, 

Since it's the first day of the month, that means that it's time for me to link up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for my favorite monthly linky! Hooray for me being back on track and being on time for it this month! So, here's what I am currently up to!

Listening: To the morning news. Being on summer break has not allowed me as much sleep in time as I'd thought. Of course, I don't usually stay up past 11, so it's rare that I sleep later than 6 or 7. We're watching the news to make sure the weather will be great for today's outing! 

Loving: I could get used to this moving at my own pace thing. I love doing what I want to do, when I want to do it! 

Thinking: We're off to Busch Gardens today and my stepson is all about taking us on all the coasters, which is fine because the hubby and I love them too! We're ready for loops, corkscrews, and lots of family fun! 

Wanting: The hubby and I will have some downtime that we're off together when my stepson's visit comes to an end. We just spent two days of 8 hour days in the car, so I don't see giant road trips in the near future, but I do want to plan an overnight to Charlottesville and OBX before summer abruptly comes to an end. 

Needing: I'm super excited for the annual Shark Week hop that I'm participating in next week and I'm working on a fun product to share with anyone who "hops" by! 

All Star: Summer Soaker - I am seriously soaking in every moment of summer. I'm allowing myself to not feel guilty when I'm not working on something TpT related. I'm also not allowing myself to think too much about school just yet. I'm reading lots of books, catching up on all of the TV shows I didn't watch when I was so busy in the spring (hello Nashville binge-watching), and even watching movies, which is not usually easy for me since my mind is usually going a million miles a minute. I know how important it is that I really allow myself to relax so that I can be rejuvenated when it is time to go back many, many weeks from now. 

That's it for me, but she sure that you head over to Oh' Boy 4th Grade to see what other bloggers are up to! 

Until next time, be sure to make it the kind of summer where….



  1. Wishing you a very relaxing summer! I am on Winter break at the moment and am also enjoying moving at a slower pace :)

  2. Have fun at Busch Gardens! I love being able to move at my own pace too!

  3. Have a great day roller coastering! Yep, that's a new verb. Lol! Next weekend I'll be able to relax better. This week, I'm still a bit stressed about not finishing moving rooms. Enjoy your break!
    Barton's Buzz

  4. Ooo enjoy the roller coasters! It's been a while since I've been on one and I miss it. Enjoy soaking up your summer!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple

  5. Have fun today! I haven't been on a roller coaster in years.

  6. One of those day trips will be to come see me at the country club, yeah? Maybe a slumber party at a winery?
    The Meek Moose

  7. Good for you on enjoying every bit of your break! My break is just starting today, even though the last day for the kiddos was June 11 (busy with presentations and conferences!) I love your flip flop meme, and I also love roller coasters! We might take a day trip to Disneyland next weekend, since we live in Southern California. My girls love roller coasters, too! Hope you have a great summer!


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