The Sunday Scoop - May 3, 2015

My favorite linkies two days in a row? Hooray! Today, I'm linking up with Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!

3 things I have to do
*grading, grading, grading…sometimes I feel as though it may never end!
* It's my goal to get the next two weeks of lesson plans done because after that we will be testing, which makes writing plans a little easier.
* Our Benchmark word study has the worst fill-in sentences and tests we've ever seen, so my teammate and I have been working on every other one. The good news is that we will have all of this done next year so that will be one less thing we need to fill our weekends with.

2 things I hope to do
*We're about to be knee-deep in measures of center/data landmarks, and I need to find a way to integrate science and math in to this week's activities so I get twice the bang for my buck!
*Yesterday was Red Sox/Yankees, The Kentucky Derby, and the boxing match (which I never watch, but since I'm strongly against domestic violence, I joined my hubby for this one). I guess I had some bad luck yesterday, because all of my picks lost. :-( Needless to say, I didn't go to bed until 2am and so I am exhausted! I'm not sure if I should nap or tough it out so I can be in bed by my normal 9pm time tonight.

1 thing I am happy to do
*Steaks on the grill! I love Sundays because my hubby knows that I am crazy busy, so he always does all of the cooking. He's the best!

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Enjoy your Sunday and have a wonderful week! 



  1. What a great hubby! I'm lucky that mine loves to shop, so that's a huge help. Steaks on the grill sound wonderful...enjoy!

  2. Oh, I love it when the men cook! Enjoy your steaks and that nap! Both sound heavenly...


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