Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Sunday Scoop - 3/22/15

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Here's the scoop on my Sunday fun day: 

3 things I have to do
1. Grade a very large stack of papers. Why is it that just one sick day can set you back 10 days? I have the most giant stack of papers to grade. For some reason, I just couldn't keep up this week! So today, I'm on a mission to get that stack done!
2. We'll be working on making inferences about character traits so I need to prep a traits chart, and maybe create a little something new for our activities ahead.
3. I'm just about finished with my new metric length conversion pack. It will include task cards, guided notes on teaching with King Henry David Must Drink Chocolate Milk, and classwork and homework practice pages. Be on the look out, I hope to have it uploaded by this evening and I usually do a flash freebie or giveaway on my Facebook page when I add a new product!!!!

2 things I hope to do
1. I'm so excited to start The Girl on the Train that I almost want to skip everything on my have to list. I've heard so many great reviews of this book so I'm hoping I can squeeze in some time for it, even if it's just a couple of chapters before bed.
2. I've been failing in the workout department and I'm feeling it. I could use a yoga workout today to balance me. I'm hoping to fit one in either late this morning or this evening.

1 thing I'm happy to do
The countdown to spring break has definitely started and we've got a couple of fun days coming up…field day this coming Friday (I know, it's the earliest field day on Earth) and a class kayaking trip next Friday, the 3rd. We've also got a lot of quarterly tests coming up. There is lots to keep us busy and make the time fly between now and then and my lesson plans should be easier than usual to create!

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Have a wonderful week that's filled with learning, laughter, and love! 


  1. Enjoy your upcoming spring break. Ours ends today.

  2. Grading papers = the never ending story!! It feels so good when they're done though. Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

  3. Ohhh - I've never heard of that book! I'll have to check it out!
    Beyond The Gradebook

  4. Let me know how you like The Girl on the Train! I need to get a good book for SB in two weeks :)
    The Techie Teacher

  5. I brought home a whole bag worth of papers to grade but since I just sent graded papers home technically I have two weeks to get those done. Enjoy your day.

    1. I finished mine but it took me several hours without exaggeration! At least they are finally checked off of my list! Have a great week!

  6. I love seeing that you have a yoga break in there! I LOVE yoga! What style do you prefer?

    1. I'm getting back in to it so I'm doing a lot of hatha yoga right now, but I'm working my way back up to my favorite, which is Vinyasa. Those are the only ones I've done…do you have a preference or suggestion? I practice at home, because I haven't found a studio that I love here like I had when I was in Washington. I'm always looking for new suggestions for practice.

    2. I do a lot of hatha yoga as well. I started going back to vinyasa classes about a week ago. It's a big step up. Haha. If you haven't tried yin yoga, I really recommend it. It's great for stretching out and us teachers can really use those deep stretches.

  7. I'm so excited that Spring Break is that close! I'm almost done with my plans for the two weeks, but I need to work on next week to finalize everything. What's this book all about? Is it similar to Orphan Train because I loved that one! I can't wait to have time for reading soon!

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

  8. Hi Rachel, I love your blog! I'm currently hosting a giveaway and was hoping you would be so kind to donate a product. It's a fundraiser for Autism that will take place from April 1 -30. Please hop on over to my blog for more info.
    Teacher’s Lounge