Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Sunday Scoop - 2/15/15

Happy Sunday of the three-day weekend, or if you are really lucky, then happy first Sunday of your mid-winter break! I'm always excited to link up with The Teaching Trio for The Sunday Scoop!

I hope that you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We had a lovely dinner Friday night and yesterday, we just relaxed, though there was a special delivery for me. My hubby knows that I'm not a flowers kind of girl, but I'll never be to old for Teddy Bears, so this adorable Vermont Teddy Bear arrived for me yesterday! I'm building quite the collection of these bears!

Ok, now back to what's on the agenda this week. Here's my scoop:

Three things I have to do:
1) We officially have Mother Hubbard's cupboard right now. The wind chill here in Virginia is -4, but we're going to have to venture out whether we like it or not. We need food!
2) I have all of my resources organized in binders by subjects. As I use a resource, I put it in a sheet protector and add it to my binder in the order that I use it. The problem is that I have a huge stack that needs to be filed in to the binder. I plan to tackle that today at some point because I can't look at that pile anymore!
3) I finished a new product on compare and contrast before bed last night, but I was out of energy to upload it. I'm planning to check that off my list today!

Two things I hope to do:
1) I'm reading a book that I don't really love, but I HATE abandoning books, so I kinda just want to get through it ASAP so I can get to something much more enjoyable. 
2) I love being off with the hubby and look forward to being lazy on the couch with maybe a movie or the many shows that are currently on our DVR. I need to catch up on Justified, which is one of my favorite shows (so sad it's the last season).

One thing I am happy to do:
Sundays are usually filled with the stress of plans, grading, etc. Luckily, I can save that stress for Monday and we even have a little snow in tomorrow's forecast. It would be AWESOME to have our first snow day and end up with a 4-day weekend! Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Whether it's a long weekend or a week off, I hope that you will enjoy a little extra time off this week! Be sure to head over to The Teaching Trio to get the scoop on other teacher bloggers and link up!


  1. I know what you mean about the food situation. We need to shop too, but now we are in the middle of a storm here in New England so it's not happening today. Maybe tomorrow!?

  2. Cold here in NC, too. We are eating whatever we can find in the freezer until it warms up enough to venture out to the store.
    Hope you have a nice break tomorrow (and maybe Tuesday, too!).

  3. It's so funny how having a Monday off actually allows us to enjoy Sundays a little more, isn't it? Hope you enjoy yours...reading and being lazy and everything :)

  4. Enjoy your three (maybe four!) day weekend! We aren't so lucky here. Tomorrow is full of PD.

  5. Thank goodness for a three-day weekend -- my kitchen is just as bare! Enjoy the day off! :)

  6. I love 3 day weekends!!! The extra day is fantastic. Enjoy your day!!!

  7. I'm the same with books - I hate to give up on them even when they're terrible! Good luck finishing yours and enjoy your long weekend!
    Growing Little Learners