First Currently Linky of 2015

First and foremost, 

Secondly, it's time for my favorite linky and my first Currently of 2015!

Listening: Between the hours of 5 and 8, it's all about the news in our house! I go from local to national and I have favorite anchors (though it's totally a tie between Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper). I'm a definite news junkie, but I'm always buzzing in the background, so I'm not sitting here all zombified or anything like that, though I totally pause for anything exceptionally intriguing.

Loving: I had a great start to 2014. The first six months were all about weight loss, eating healthy, all that good stuff. Then, summer happened and I spent my days by the pool as the gym dedication drifted away. On top of that, this school year has been crazy busy, which has resulted in late nights, which results in not wanting to cook, which then results in picking up take out. I finally quit my gym that was $60 a month at the end of November. I just couldn't bare to spend the money. Well, that means that I'm using the base gym (my hubby is Air Force), which I'm not a huge fan of because everyone is a bit intense for me. However, apparently this base has TWO gyms and my hubby took me to the other one yesterday and I love it. It's much smaller and less busy and the set up is more comfortable for me. I'm feeling motivated to get back to business, though getting up at 4:30 again is going to be rough at first, but I'm ready and I NEED to get healthy!

Thinking: How is TWO WEEKS almost over? It can't be! My teammate texted me about going in to make copies and I haven't even been thinking about it. I can't believe there are only three days of break left. Waaaaaaah!!!!

Wanting: I just want 2015 to be fabulous. I want to have fun, be positive, make good decisions, be healthy, pay off bills, travel, and make new memories with my hubby and friends. I mean, really, I don't ask for much! ;-)

Needing: I have kept myself busy this break, sprucing up old products on TpT and even creating some new ones. In fact, I've got so many in progress right now that my heads a little spinny…but I'm totally excited about them! 

Yes : I am getting back to business with my health. You're never too young to be healthy…and I'm not that young to begin with! 

Maybe: I'll find a way to balance things so I won't get so overwhelmed! It's kind of been a stressful first half of the school year and I am really hoping the second half will be easier. 

I Wish: I want to cook like Bobby Flay. Also, my husband would like for me to cook like Bobby Flay. :-) 

Also, to celebrate the New Year, my TpT store is 20% off until the 3rd. Head over and see what's new, or newly refreshed! 

Now, head on over to Oh' Boy 4th Grade and find out what other bloggers are "Currently" up to!



  1. Two weeks sure did fly by! I should be watching the news, ,I have just totally checked out of the world that past few days. I have been watching all of the new HGTV shows. I want to be a good cook too! : ) Happy New Year!

    Yeehaw! Teaching in Texas

  2. It does always fly that's for sure!!!! I love Anderson Cooper and also have many unfinished TpT projects that I'd love to finish, but sometimes I'm just not feeling it so I have to put it aside and come back at a later time! Happy New Year!!

    ~Traci Bender
    The Bender Bunch

  3. Getting heathier seems to be a common theme in so many of our lives! So great that you found a gym that you like! I'm hoping to make exercise a priority for 2015! Have a great year!

    Kay @ Sommer Pride

  4. Ha! I love your cooking comment!!! I cook almost every night, but I do wish I enjoyed it more. Pinterest recipes are my best friends! :)
    -Elyse @ A is for Apples

  5. One of my goals is to really dedicate some time to TpT products so I can pay down some debt! Hope your 2015 is your best year yet!!

    A Tall Drink of Water


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