Sunday Social - August 3rd

It's time for another Social Sunday with Neely and Ashley from A Complete Waste of Makeup. I love having this weekly chance to share with you who I am when I'm not busy being Mrs. O. I wish more teacher bloggers would link-up because all teachers need a little fun in their lives! :-) 

I love random questions, so this week's questions really make me smile! For each question, I have to choose a this or that, but I also have to tell you why. 

#1: Gum or mints?
 I choose mints because I detest gum. The sound of someone else chewing it can put me over the edge. That's right, there is NO chewing gum in my classroom! Plus, I hate the way that gum feels in my mouth. The consistency absolutely makes me gag. Yuck!

#2: Tea or coffee?
Tea for a couple of reasons. First of all, I hate coffee breath. Ugh, it will make me gag if someone breaths their coffee breath on me. I just don't get that whole "coffee smells great" thing. Also, I can't have anything with caffeine in it so I have to opt for tea, of the decaffeinated variety. I drink a lot of green teas, but anything herbal makes me happy as long as there isn't any caffeine snuck in there, which does happen now and then. 

#3: Fruits or veggies?
This is such a hard question because I love both. I am going to have to go with fruit because it's sweet and juicy and you can't have pie without fruit and I love pie! But veggies, please don't be offended, I love your healthiness too, no hard feelings! 

#4: TV or movies?
TV. I am such a Bravo junkie that it's not even funny. I am also an avid news watcher, taking in about 3 hours of news each night if you count The Colbert Report. I'm tight with Stephen Colbert, Brian Williams, and Anderson Cooper! Also, my Red Sox games are sometimes on TV, though with the way this year is going, they are broadcast less and less. It's not that I dislike movies, I just don't often find movies I really want to see anymore.

#5: Candles or diffusers? Candles. If someone has found a diffuser that works for more than a couple of weeks, then they are doing a lot better than me. I am a Yankee Candle girl all the way. I've got a jar candle in every room and I have staple scents for each season. In fact, fall is just around the corner and I'm already excited to pick up some new jars! 

Patchouli, my favorite scent because yes, I'm a total hippie! 

I hope that you enjoyed my Sunday Social! Now it's your turn to get social. Grab the button, visit A Complete Waste of Makeup, and link up! 



  1. I agree with everything here! We are the same person. Especially the obsession with Bravo, Stephen Colbert, Brian Williams (love when he's on SNL) and I'm in love with Anderson Cooper.

    Did you see this article about Anderson on buzzfeed the other day? He's so great.

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. Oh my goodness, thank you for sharing that link! Is there anything better than the Anderson laugh? I think not! :-)


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