7 Days of Love: Day #2: Reading, Reading, Reading!

I'll tell you a not-so-secret-secret: I LOVE to read! I am constantly reading my favorite authors Kristin Hannah, Jen Lancaster, and John Grisham, but I also love to read children's literature in the classroom. Right now, we are working on The Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes. It's a timeless classic and it's the perfect book to read half way through our fifth grade year. Because the theme of this story centers around the way that students treat one another, it provokes intense conversation about bullying, kindness, and friendship. I find that this book really asks my students to stop and consider their own actions and reevaluate those actions using what they've learned while reading this wonderful story. At the half way through fifth grade point, some students begin to get "too big for their britches" as my grandmother would've called it. It's amazing how this book really does make students stop and think about the results of their actions and what they could do to be better people. The discussions are rich and thought-provoking and I am always so proud of my students when they talk about what bullying looks like and feels like.  I've got a RAK Project ready to introduce this week and I'm working on a great unit to go with The Hundred Dresses,  hopefully by the end of this week. If you haven't read this one yet, I would highly recommend you read it with your students before the year is through. It's an important book that opens important discussions for sure. Here's a preview of my upcoming pack. You all we be the first to know when it's ready! Until then, have a fantastic week! If you pass on your love for reading to at least one child a day, you are making an incredible difference!

Have a great week filled with lots of reading! 


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