December Currently

November was so busy that I actually missed a Currently! That NEVER happens! Ugh! In an attempt to start December out on the right foot, I am on the ball and getting my December Currently up in a timely manner before all of the real holiday bustle begins! I love linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for these! 

Listening: I dislike Sundays because they are filled with lesson planning. I sit on the floor amongst papers in our office/spare bedroom #2 and tackle grading papers, planning, data, etc., etc. Meanwhile, my husband LOVES Sundays because it's his time with the television. It's a football game marathon and also all that I can hear no matter what room of our condo I park myself in!

Loving: I was pretty crabby about having such a late Thanksgiving. Then I realized something wonderful: we only have three weeks of school until the next break! I can totally handle that! 14 1/2 school days…let's get this countdown started!

Thinking: After 9 years of teaching, I thought I'd have come up with a grandiose plan for reading groups. But three groups in one day for 20 minutes a piece? Ugh, I can't wrap my head around it! Each time we get going with something great, it's like "Time's up! Next group!" It's making me a little insane.

Wanting: I collect nutcrackers and display them on on our fireplace mantle. My husband thinks that they are creepy, but I went to the Nutcracker Ballet for every year of childhood and so, I adore all things related to nutcrackers! Right now, we have an uneven balance on the mantle and its driving me cuckoo! I need just one more…who care if that makes 14?

I also have to make cupcakes for my students and I'm running low on steam thanks to my decision to run at least one mile for each day of December. It would be great if I had more than one cupcake pan so I could actually get them all done at the same time.

Favorite Tradition: My husband and I spend Christmas Eve alone together. We open one gift, eat lasagna, and spend quality time together. Last year, my husband was in Afghanistan and we weren't able to enjoy this tradition together. Needless to say, I appreciate it even more having missed out on it last year!

Woohooo for December! I'm hoping Mother Nature will send a little snow Virginia's way!



  1. Nutcrackers are my favourites!
    Hang in there, Christmas break is right around the corner! :)
    Miss Elementary

    1. Thanks, Sara! The last week before the break is always the hardest, but I've got lots of fun activities planned that will be sure to keep my kiddos going until the last minute!

      Mrs. O


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