October Currently

How did October get here so quickly? 

I can't believe it's already time to link-up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade

Listening: I've had the worst cold for the last week. I finally went to the doctor yesterday to find out that I have a sinus infection. They also talked me in to getting the flu shot. All I know is that I want to feel better and the air purifier greatly improves my chances of breathing! 

Loving: I'm not only sick, I am truly exhausted. I can't remember ever being so tired after the first month of school. It's been nonstop. Meetings, trainings, learning new kiddos, taking on new positions. Busy, Busy, Busy! Needless to say, I need the weekend to rest, even though it will honestly be filled with grading and lesson planning. :-(

Thinking: About making some adjustments to reading groups and rotations now that I am getting to know my kids. Oh, and I need to grade essays. Why do I already see this amazing weekend slipping away?

Wanting: I keep waiting for each year to get easier. I don't know if it's because I am type A or what, but this year actually seems harder than any before. And that's after 9 years of teaching. I am used to things falling in to place by now, but we have a lot on our plate at my school this year and I just see that everyone is wiped out. For all of our sakes, I hope that our loads start to lighten ASAP!

Needing: I need me time! I can't remember the last time I read a book or spent a whole day with my husband. I need more days like that to maintain my sanity throughout the school year! 

Trick or Treat: I'm newly obsessed with pumpkin pie Blizzards from Dairy Queen. They are pretty amazing! But you want a treat for you, don't you? Follow my Facebook page and you can definitely get some amazing flash freebies. Not only that, but I am close to being ready for another fantastic giveaway to celebrate a total of 300 followers. You don't want to miss that! How's that for some treats?

Happy almost weekend, friends! I hope you are a bit less stressed than me! 



  1. I hope the load starts to lighten up for you too - busy, busy for you at the moment! Hopefully you can have a rest over the weekend xx

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. It's slowly starting to get better...though the terrible part is that now I am waiting for the next task to come down because you know there's always another one around the corner. I just have to keep reminding myself that I do it for the students. As long as they are learning and loving what they learn, I'm doing my job!

  2. I saw those new blizzards! They look amazing! It has been a busy start to the year. I'm with you. I don't know why it is getting harder. Maybe it's because there are more demands, fewer materials to teach with...or maybe I just find a way to create more work for myself! Anyway, I do hope you can set aside some much needed "me time".

    Creative Lesson Cafe

    1. I sometimes think that 50% of it is just me being too much of a perfectionist, but I certainly don't know how to be any other way! I wish I could be the teacher that leaves everything at work. Maybe someday! :-)

  3. I hope the load gets easier for you guys! I completely understand we have soooo much on our plates too. Prayerfully this too shall pass and its just a season.

    1. Thank you, Qiana! I am certainly hoping that it will get a little easier as the year goes on! My fingers are crossed! :-)


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