Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Currently

It's time to link-up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the August Currently! I don't know that I've ever posted my Currently on the very first day of it's posting. How exciting!

Oh my's so quiet in my house and I am LOVING it! I used to always need some type of background noise, but as I get older I grow more and more fond of the quiet. One month and two days from now I will be in the classroom beginning a new adventure and silence will be no more, at least not at 1pm on a Thursday! :-)

Last night I decided that I needed a change from my basic blogger layout. I looked in to custom layouts and decided that I definitely don't have the money for a custom anything right now. I found an adorable free design at Leelou Blogs, then spent hours customizing the font color, size, type, etc., etc. Then I woke up at 5am (thanks to my never-ending toothache) and decided I wanted a button. Again, I didn't have money to customize so I spent hours trying to figure out the html code to insert once I'd created it. I found a really cute free clip art owl so I have to shout out Mrs. Dixon at Teaching Special Thinkers because without her free clip art, my adorable button and header would not be possible! Then I decided that I loved it so much that it should be my header too. I'm pretty sure I put at least 12 of the last 24 hours in to these updates, and I'm happy to say that I am so in love with them. So happy that I even created a Facebook page for my blog! Geez...I'm kind of overachieving, aren't I?

Laundry, organizing, creating, reading...I've got tons and tons on my to-do list. So what am I doing? Blogging, of course!

One of my new teammates is extremely crafty. Because of her, I spent an hour in Jo-Ann Fabrics today selecting fabric to cover a bookshelf. Wow, I could spend DAYS in that store! The fabrics are awesome! I easily found about 50 fabrics that I wanted to make something out of. What do I want to make exactly? I think I should start with pillows. I'm pretty sure I made one in home economics in 6th grade and it turned out alright. Come to think of it, no, no it didn't turn out alright at all. I think I broke one of the sewing machines. By the time I left, I decided that I should learn to sew, thus meaning that I should get a sewing machine. Do you know how much sewing machines are? Holy moly!  I think I'll put that one on my Christmas list.

Speaking of spending money, I am forever trying to figure out why I run out of money so fast in the summer time. I'm on 12 month pay so I make the same amount month after month but in July and August, my money goes so quickly! I am sure it has nothing to do with those Target Back to School sales that start in July or those Dollar Tree hauls. ;-)

What do I need? I am drawing a blank here! I want:
1. Really Good Stuff Privacy Shields: I bought a set of 12 last year and gave them to every other student. I'd like to have enough for each student to have one this year.
2. 15 Great Science Experiments for Elementary Classrooms: I am teaching science this year instead of social studies and it's my goal to do a weekly science experiment. Alison has the most awesome resources and this is at the top of my TpT wish list!
3. Scissors: 2 for $1 at the way too early Target Back to School Sale. I had 30 scissors at the beginning of last school year. I now have 10. Apparently there was a scissor monster in my room! Ah well, gotta restock while the sales are on!

Ok, time to get to work on that to-do list! The weekend is almost here!


  1. Your blog looks really cute-kudos to you! I'm the same way with fabrics-I actually own a sewing machine-ask me if I know how to use it! I would LOVE to be able to create things!


    1. I am thinking that I might need a sewing class or my dreams I can make my own dresses! One day, one day!

  2. You did a good job on your blog.
    We have a JoAnn's and a Hobby Lobby right across the street from each other. When I go craft shopping, it can be overwhelming.

    1. I have not yet been to a Hobby Lobby, but I hear that it is amazing! I'm pretty sure that I would be in trouble with that combination and my new found love of crafting! :-)

  3. I love your blog layout! Very cute! I could use some more spending money too! Target and the Dollar Tree do me in too!
    Fun in ECSE

  4. Everything is sooo cute! Great job on the header and button :)

    I love the privacy shields but I made the DIY version. It's a bit ghetto but it works, I just took two manila folders and put them so their middles overlapped and then the edges didn't and laminated. That was a terrible explanation. Maybe I'll blog about it one day so you can see! It was super cheap though and does the job and then they fold up and can be put on a shelf easily.

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. Thanks Caitlyn! I used to make my privacy shields so I know exactly what you are talking about. I fell in love with the Really Good Stuff shields because they are tall and sturdy, which means less peeking and falling! I hate to spend money on something I could do myself, but they are really worth it!

  5. So glad you had a great day! I would recommend buying a basic one from Walmart. I totally wish we had a Hobby Lobby here too because I also have heard amazing things about that store. Looking forwards to a great year!

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  7. You are so clever to make that blog button by yourself! i have had to pay someone, it is just too hard for me! Thanks so much for the shout out - Expect a pressie in your email inbox!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning