A Lot Started, A Little Finished

I spent three days in the classroom this week and I must say that it's really coming along. It is my goal for my room to look different each year so that my surroundings don't end up old and boring. We've all known or had that teacher who has had the same posters up in the same place year after year. I promised myself I would never become that teacher. It's really important to me to have a room that feels welcoming. I want it to be a place where kids are excited to walk in to each day. It's also about me. I want to love my surroundings since it's my second home for 10 months of the year. I'm always back early to get going on my annual classroom masterpiece! :-) I made A LOT of progress this week, but it still feels like I have a looooong way to go! I started a ton of projects. I'd love to say I finished as many as I started, but that DID NOT happen. Each time I had to grab something on the other side of the room, I'd get sidetracked and begin a whole new project. My inner voice had the attention span of a golden retriever, something like this:

"Oh, I will work on these back to school bags. That way I can free up some space on top of the desks."

10 minutes later...

"I forgot the erasers in my Target bag across the room. I'd better grab them."

I walk across the room to grab the Target bag.

"Oh wait, there's those adorable frames that I laminated yesterday! I really want to put that up on the cabinets today. I might as well start it now."

15 minutes later...

"Rats! I'm out of command strips. I'd better see if I have any more in my desk."

On the way to my desk...

"I need to sticker my new books for the classroom library."

You know where this is going, right?

Wednesday was by far my most productive day of all. Today, I tied up a lot of loose ends finished many of the projects that I started on Monday. I'm feeling pretty good about my progress. I'll spend a couple of more days in the classroom next week, but since it's my last week off, I want to take some me time too. I'm hoping that having all of the decorating and organizing out of the way will certainly free up some of my back to school worries!

Here's my progress thus far:

Another board decorated, and my science posters JUST fit!

The Peanuts Gang is up...not sure about that strip yet, but I know it's not staying like that!

My new book labels in action! If you love them, you can find them in my TpT store at: 

I don't know why I never thought of putting borders around posters before. 

I was undecided about the green, but now I am in LOVE with it! 

Cubbies, oh cubbies! These are a work in progress. I really miss closets!

My favorite almost-complete project (student names to be added when I receive my class list)...a bright and colorful window to welcome students to my room! I am so in love with owls this year! 

I'll return on Monday! I've got to enjoy three-day weekends while I can. Are you ready for the weekend? 



  1. That Adult ADD is setting in I sure know how that goes! It doesn't help that you probably had those crazy coworkers gabbing your ear off! Your classroom looks great!

    1. I love those crazy coworkers. They help me to fill my welcome bags! :-)

  2. I'm glad to know I'm not the only person who works in my classroom like that. :)

    1. You are most certainly not alone! :-)

  3. Classroom organizing + my ADD = running in circles :) I totally understand this 'strategy'. Not only do I have my piles of stuff that I've been collecting all summer, I have about 50 boxes of art supplies to put away, plus my room to rearrange {they take everything out for the summer to wax my floor and put it all back wrong of course}, and new things to create. I love that you don't use the same things over and over; I can't do that either. Keep things fresh!
    I'm your newest follower. Looking forward to seeing your room complete!
    ~ Kristin


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