Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Poetry Month - Your Students Are Poets and You Know It!

Woohooo! Spring break has finally allowed me some extra time for creation. Well, to be honest, it's allowed me time to pull a file out and type up a unit that I created years ago. I have a 4 drawer filing cabinet in my office and it's filled with files on every possible subject, many of which contain my own creations, some of which are saved on computers, many of which have not. As I was thinking about poetry month, I realized that I have had students write many different styles of poetry, usually creating a poetry book. Of course, all of my work is not saved on my computer, nor did it have cute borders and clip art, so I decided that my goal of the spring break was to TpT-ify my unit. I created a unit that follows a pretty simple pattern: introduce the style, show an example of the style, write the style. Of course, this means that my pack is filled with my own cheesy poetry examples, but I'm pretty excited about what I have finally put together and I can't wait to get back to school next week to use this set with my students when we return next week. I know that they will love poetry!

Here's the link to my new set and a preview of its contents:

Poetry Writing Pack

Hmmm...I've still got a few days of break left. I wonder what file I can pull out and TpT-ify next?

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