Sunday, April 7, 2013

I'm in a creative state of mind...

Or perhaps I am just an amazing procrastinator...

Either way, I've been hard at work the past few days. I found some amazing clip art from Michael Rawls and ever since I purchased it, I've been in a creative mood. I am now not only well prepared to start talking about figurative language and dive into poetry with my students, I've also added some awesome resources to my Teachers Pay Teachers account. So even though today is Sunday, which marks the true end to my spring break, and my favorite basketball team, Syracuse, lost last night, I am still in good spirits!

So now I have a poetry writing bundle, each poetry writing style listed individually in case people don't want all 8, a freebie of seasonal poetry, an idiom bundle with task cards and practice with literal and figurative language, AND a simile poster pack. Gosh, I am a creative machine! LOL

Of course, I also did my Sunday TpT purchasing (although during this break there's been a lot more than just Sunday purchasing). I love the task cards from Rachel Lynette so I picked up a main idea, a summarizing, and an author's purpose set. Voila! There's an independent center for my next 3-week unit. I'm pretty sure that I am spending twice what I make on TpT, but hey, it all evens out in the end, right?

Here's a preview of and link to each of my new creations. I hope to get more up in the next few days too, though I know the first few days back will prove to be a tad overwhelming.

Gotta put the freebie first!


  1. Wow you have been busy! These packets look awesome - I LOVE teaching idioms and I think your Idioms bundle looks oh-so-cute! :)

    Joy in the Journey

    1. Thank you Jessica! I know I should've been relaxing during my spring break but I couldn't seem to stop creating! I even just finished another personification poster pack. You know how you find something cute and you just all of a sudden get thousands of ideas in your head? That's how it was for me when I found that adorable clip art. I even have some onomatopoeias on the list! I LOVE figurative language!

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    1. Hi Heather! Aren't those owls the cutest? It's from Pink Cat Studio and I am totally obsessed with all of their clip art and borders! You can find them at:

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  4. You did a lot on break! I'm your newest follower, drop by. =)

    Just Wild About Teaching

    1. I just dropped by your blog. I LOVE the mother's day packet! I am now your newest follower!