Thursday, April 4, 2013

Farley Currently Link-Up

I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for a currently.

Here it goes!

I can't believe it's already Thursday and that my spring break is more than half way over. I am already beginning to think of lesson plans, grading, and working on report cards. Nooooooooo! I'm not ready! Can't I just have one more week? 

I have been blog-hopping quite a bit and see that many schools are already in test prep mode. I am thankful that we won't begin our next tests until the end of May. That gives me at least a month before everything goes all "test prep mode" and people get way too high strung and edgy. Testing is by far my least favorite part of the year. My students were great with their writing tests in March though, so I really think that this year will be the least stressful testing time that I've experienced yet. Let's hope that I am right!

My spring break has been filled with a lot of trips to the vet. My one cat, Brewster, needed a dental cleaning. My other cat, Tucker, has had some serious stomach issues going on so we're working to change his food and hoping that will clear it up. My cats are my babies, but all these trips to the vet are draining my wallet and making my spring break a tad too busy! I am hopeful that they are both on the up and up! 

Anyway, I am officially about to work on procrastinating from writing my math lesson plans. If I can get math done today then I will at least enter the weekend with one item checked off of my list and with one look at the pile of papers I need to grade, it might be a very good idea! 


  1. We are definitely in test prep mode here at my school. In April we have a county required computerized reading and math test called Global Scholar. Then we have Dibels at the end of April, then the first week of May are our state required tests. Whew!! I'll be glad when it is all over. And we have no more days off! But maybe the time will go by quickly and it will be the end of the year and time for summer vacation before we know it!

    1. Wow, you are officially a lot more busy than I am! I hope that it goes by quickly for you and that your students maintain their stamina for all of that testing! I'm exhausted just reading about it ;-)

  2. Holiday breaks should be atleast 3 weeks long! - 1 to recover from the term, one to do nothing and one to start to plan to return to school lol. I would love the sound of silence but my kids aged 3 and 5 never seem to give up!
    Enjoy the rest of your break!

    1. I LOVE this 3 week long breaks idea! I've known a few teachers who had the chance to do year-round teaching and they would get 3 week breaks every few months. I sometimes think I would like that better than summers off, since I'm always back in my classroom by August which means my summer vacation only ends up being a few weeks anyway!

  3. Awwww my cat is our baby too! I hope Tucker feels better soon (awesome names by the way!)

    I'm glad to have found another fifth grade blogger! I teach year six in New Zealand which is the equivalent of your fifth grade!

    Good luck with your prep- and hopefully you manage to enjoy your last day or two of Spring Break!

    x Serena x

    Magic Mistakes & Mayhem

  4. I am on Spring Break too and yes it has gone by incredibly too fast! It has been a wonderful week however. Your blog is super cute! :)


  5. Everyone is asking for more time for this months currently! It must be that time of year!

    Can you believe your school year is over in a few months at your new school? WOW! Time certainly flies!

    xx Alison

    1. I know! This is the first year that the idea of the end of the year is bittersweet for me. I really, really love my students! I usually shed tears when they leave me, knowing that they are off to middle school, but I think this year I will need a whole box of tissues. I wish I could keep this year's group forever!

      However, Steve and I are finally taking our honeymoon (yes, 5 years later), at the end of June, and I am certainly looking forward to June arriving for that reason!

      How are things going at your new school? You seem to be settling in quite well.