Thursday, January 10, 2013

I've Got The Fever!

The creation fever that is!

I have a confession. Eight months ago, if I wanted a a diagram, table, or anything short of a basic word document created, I asked my husband. Well, since he's been in Afghanistan since then, I've been left to my own devices. I discovered Teachers Pay Teachers over the summer and posted some of the zillions of files I have saved after 8 years of teaching. When I posted my first item, I posted it in word doc with basic font and it was BORING. I don't even know if anyone bought it but I am sure that it's no longer up there. I was the girl that would look at pins on Pinterest and see all those cutesy borders and pictures and think, I wish I could do that. And I tried. I tried to do everything on MS Word but it was exceptionally frustrating. Then I happened to ask on Facebook if there was a better way. A friend recommended using MS Powerpoint instead, informing me that it was more user friendly. OMG! What a relief! All of a sudden After a few months, I could use cute fonts, insert borders, pictures, and create wonderful items. I started to slowly dig out old files and spruce them up, though I have so many files I fear I may never get through them. 

Anyway, to make a not-so-long story short, I am obsessed with creating now. It's becoming less about TpT and more about these ideas that keep popping in to my head! I have stickies on the computer, in my pockets, on the kitchen counter...wait, am I becoming a sticky hoarder? All filled with the items I want to create. Who needs to grade papers when you can create, right? :-) 

Word problems are an area that we work on over and over again, as I am sure is the case for any intermediate teacher. As a teacher who has always embraced reading, it's odd to me that more often than not, my ideas are math ideas, and this year has been my "embrace math" year! It only took me 8 years! I love to have my students create their own word problems and now that we are half way through the year, they are getting even better with it. So an idea popped in my head the other night. I wrote it down but I wanted to put it to work right away. I wanted to create a card for Valentine's Day that could be a math problem Valentine. I know what you are thinking, Mrs. O, you must be a genius! LOL (That's sarcasm folks, sarcasm.) I bought some adorable Valentine's Day borders from Stacy Johnson and some so cute I can't stand it clip art from Katie Dang and I set to creating. I am very pleased with the outcome and even more pleased to announce that I've made it a FREEBIE in my store at Valentine's Day Math Word Problem Card

Here's the outside: 
Writing it, I realized writing a Roses are Red about a word problem isn't the easiest thing on Earth! Oh, and working clip art upside down is interesting! 

Here's the inside: 

My plan is to have the students color the outside and inside (hence the black and white) and then write their word problem. I will then collect all of them, mix them up, and pass them out to each student. They can solve their "Math Valentine" and then I am sure we will put these up somewhere in the room.  

I hope that my students will enjoy it as much as I imagine they will! Feel free to grab it for your students too :-) Happy almost Friday!

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  1. "who needs to grade papers when you can create?" That is the story of my life! Your blog ROCKS!! Thanks for all the great ideas :)

    Crofts' Classroom