Tracking Our Learning Poster

Just a quick share of a new poster I made. I wanted a place where students can post answers to daily questions using sticky notes. I had seen a couple of ideas that I liked, but I wanted to make one using items I already had. My students are each assigned a number so they will post their sticky note on top of their assigned number each day. I didn't want to make it specific to any certain subject, since I don't like to be too predictable. I think it's a great way to get a "Today I Learned" statement or to use as a lesson exit. I can easily create a weekly list to give them credit each day on a 2-1-0 rubric (2- you've got it, 1 - you're almost there, 0- let's do some more work on this). I think it will be an easy way to keep track of and assess their learning daily. I used a poster board, notebook page die-cuts from my local Dollar Store, and a little Woodstock accent to match my Peanuts theme :-) Add some laminate and it's ready for daily use!


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